CoboltFM removed from Google Play

CoboltForge Berlin  -  Jan 27, 2013  -  No Comments
As announced earlier, it was foreseeable that CoboltFM would be useless with the latest API (and TOS!) changes introduced by This time has now come. As the logical consequence, we removed CoboltFM from Google Play (It is still available at sourceforge for anyone who’s interested in the code). Goodbye

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CoboltFM most likely to be phased out…

CoboltForge Berlin  -  Nov 21, 2012  -  1 Comments
Hey ya’ll, Some sad news are about to be brought over to you: Our open-source player CoboltFM will most likely not be working from next month on… As some of you may have noticed, is phasing out the old streaming service and solely serving content via the new

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Sorry for the unintended downtime

CoboltForge Berlin  -  Nov 19, 2012  -  No Comments
This weekend our website was down; unfortunately. But we moved to another server to offer you a better browsing experience… Enjoy.

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