• TheWall – Berlin Wall live

    TheWall is the perfect app for the historically interested Berlin tourist, bringing together geolocation and information about Berlin’s Cold War times.

  • TheWall Widget

    The companion widget to the Berlin Wall app: shows at a quick glance in which former sector of occupied Berlin the user is in.

  • Restrealitaet – Party here!

    Have your underground Berlin party info at hand all the time with this simple shortcut to Party on!

  • Thank You – in every language

    Never be out of thankful words again with this simple app that lets you say Thank You! in every language there is.

  • Flashcards 2000 – SBF Binnen

    A set of cards bearing information about sail and motorboat exam. Proven learn success using the well-known Leitner principle.

  • MultiVNC

    A fast VNC viewer. Includes ZeroConf service discovery for VNC, bookmarking of connections and a touchpad mode for local use.

  • ItsAboutTime

    Clock art widget for your homescreen. Displays the current time in an unusual, never-see-before way. Time doesn’t need to be told by dials or digits.

  • Wireless USB

    Wireless USB lets you access your Android device from any computer – no more hassle with cables, no driver installation and no WiFi access point necessary!
    Wireless USB turns your device into a full-fledged network drive which you can access from any Windows PC, Mac or Linux box.

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