Breathe Mobile
We provide premium quality mobile software and customer support.


CoboltForge is a team of young professionals that produce high quality apps for You and your company.

We provide mobile apps that are well coded under the hood and sport a nice and easy to use interface. CoboltForge specialises in client-server network communication, visualisation, data extraction and content presentation, but we do every other kind of mobile app development, training and help as well.

Well-coded, production-quality mobile apps.
User interface design. Easy to use and pleasant.
We update your legacy application to fit the needs of the mobile 21st century.
We review 3rd-party-contributed code and provide you with a bluepause.

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    • Wireless USB – your local dropbox August 23, 2013
      Wireless USB lets you access your Android device from any computer – no more hassle with cables, no driver installation and no WiFi access point necessary! Wireless USB turns your device into a full-fledged network drive which you can access from any Windows PC, Mac or Linux box. It works at the full speed that […]
    • shoutr has been released May 31, 2013
      We are proud to announce the shoutr public beta! It’s still not perfect but feel free to test it and send us valuable feedback. Direct Market Link.
    • Tech Stuff: A decent SVG library for Android… February 13, 2013
      In case you were looking for a feature-complete yet simple enough library to render SVG images in your app, you most probably ended up with This (as most of its forks on github), has a quite subtle but nasty bug related to its XML parser, the Android SAXParser. This ended up hard-crashing in its […]

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